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The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Family Assistance recently launched Career Pathways: Catalog of Toolkits, an online directory of free resources available for planning a Career Pathways initiative.

Toolkits in this Catalog provide action steps for starting a Career Pathways initiative and help different sectors - education, workforce, human services, industry, and policy - learn to communicate with each other about resources and priorities.  ETA's Career Pathways Toolkit is also featured on the new website.

The toolkits can be filtered by Publisher, Target Population, Intended Audience, Primary Career Pathway Element Addressed, and Industry – so you can quickly find the right set of tools for your initiative!

In these toolkits, you will find guidance on:

  • developing a Career Pathways model and workplan
  • selecting partners and creating shared ownership
  • analyzing local labor force needs – now and in the future
  • building statewide support for a Career Pathways initiative
  • aligning training curricula with student and employer needs
  • estimating costs and tapping into available funding streams
  • using data to continuously improve projects

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