Inter-Tribal Council of Louisiana, Inc.

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The Inter-Tribal Council of Louisiana (ITC) will create a consortium of WIOA Section 166 programs to implement three strategies to reduce structural unemployment facing 10,600 Native Americans in the area. 

1) Integrate regional WIOA Section 166 program data management systems.  This will include the development of common service delivery tools and case management records; 2) Implement a Career Pathways Model to enhance job-driven education, 3) Enhance supportive services to allow job seekers the mobility needed to relocate within the region providing increased access to high wage, in-demand jobs.  These strategies will afford job-seekers access to employment opportunities in multiple job markets across WIOA providers. 

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Target Populations: Indians and Native Americans


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Posted: 12/1/2017 1:59 PM
Posted By: Jon Vehlow
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